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Learn a little more about the rules and regulations at the Wilsonville Recreation and Camping Area. We want to make sure that your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Recreation Area Rules and Regulations at Lake Wallenpaupack

1. Contact the director of each area for information and reservations.


2. You may camp on first-come, first-served basis for 1 to 30 nights.


3. The maximum length of stay is 30 nights.


4. Reservations may be made for some sites for two nights or more. Other sites can only be reserved for seven nights or more. The Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends require a three-night minimum reservation. A deposit is required – make check payable to the recreation area director. Reservations are held until 9:00 PM the day of your reservation.


5. If you must cancel your reservation, notify the director 14 days or more before the date and your deposit will be refunded. (less a $10.00 administration fee). Cancellations less than 14 days to arrival forfeit all money.


6. CHECK - IN TIME is as early as 11am. Campers arriving earlier will be charged for the night before.

CHECK - OUT TIME is 1:00 PM.  Campers who occupy site after CHECK OUT time will be charged an extra night.


7. Register with the Director and pay fee. Camping fees are non-refunded.


8. PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Information on kennels may be obtained.


9. A maximum of one family or eight people, one camping unit and one car per campsite is allowed.


10. Campsites are for FAMILY camping.


11. Registered campers are allowed visitors form 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Visitors’ car must be parked in parking lots. Campers are responsible for the actions of their guests, and camping permits will be revoked for violations of rules and regulations by guests.


12. Use of fireplaces for all fires. Extinguish your fire when leaving campsite.


13. Do not cut down, drive nails into, or injure trees or shrubs.


14. QUIET HOURS and 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.


15. These are prohibited:

•   Washing dishes at water stations or restrooms.

•   Draining wastewater onto ground.

•   Firearms, air rifles, bows and arrows, and fireworks.

•   Chainsaws.

•   Two-wheel motorized and all-terrain vehicles except for transportation to and from campground.


16. Maximum speed is 10 miles per hour.


17. Disorderly conduct and profanity are not permitted.


18. Recreation area director reserves the right to revoke or terminate permits if any of these rules are violated.



1. Register with director and pay fee for use of picnic table at each recreation area.


2. Areas are open from 8:00 AM to dusk.


3. No alcoholic beverages.


4. Pets are NOT permitted.


5. Disorderly conduct and profanity are not permitted.


6. Firearms, air rifles, bows and arrows, and fireworks are not permitted.


7. Swimming is not allowed at recreation area.


1. Register with director and pay fee for launching at each recreation area.


2. Observe the regulations in the current Lake Wallenpaupack Boating Guide. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s current Summary of Boating Regulations must be obeyed.


3. Camping on the islands is not permitted. Islands are open daylight hours only. Pets not permitted.


4. Boat Sewage holding tanks can be pumped at Wilsonville Campground for a fee.


5. Launch and remove boat from ramps as quickly as possible. Overnight storage of boats and trailers on boat-ramp parking areas is not permitted.


6. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has assigned personnel to assist you and to enforce the commission’s regulations for your safety and enjoyment. The Fish and Boat Commission has the jurisdiction and responsibility to enforce Pennsylvania boating and fishing laws on these public state waters.

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